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Meet Sasha – a Floridita Brand Ambassador

Meet Sasha, one of our Floridita Brand Ambassadors! She’s a fierce Women’s Short Board Surfing Champ with a sparkling personality. Her strength, beauty and passion for the beach are a perfect match for our handmade bikini line. (Doesn’t she look super cute in this suit? She’s crushing it!) We’re psyched to feature Sasha as a Floridita Brand Ambassador. Welcome friend!!

Are you the next Floridita Brand Ambassador??

Learn more about Sasha and learn how to join our bikini brand ambassador program at the end of this post. In case you’re just finding out about Floridita Swimwear, we’ll catch you up in .2 seconds. Floridita was created just for adventurous beach babes like Sasha. You know, for women who love flirty beach colors, embrace fitness, and love to be stylish (even in the sand). Each piece is treated like a piece of art. Our swimsuits are handmade by women and for women so they can feel flirty and confident in their own skin. Our Floridita Brand Ambassador program allows us to connect with extraordinary women living their dreams. Girls like Sasha exude confidence in everything they do, whether they are at the beach, poolside, yachting, or adventuring.


Sasha is a glowing Los Angeles local who’s passionate about waves, travel, yoga, skate, fitness, and – of course – bikinis! As a Women’s Short Board Champion, her suits have to be comfortable so she can be athletic. But she never skimps on style. In the photo shoot above, Sasha is sporting the Wynwood Bikini.When she’s not hitting the waves for surf training and competitions, she’s living the California dream. Just like us, Sasha loves time with her girls, pool parties and beach days.

We recently spent time with Sasha to learn more about her passions and beach style. Warning: don’t be surprised if you fall in love with her vibrant personality. Sasha is definitely a Floridita Girl at heart…

Q: You’re one of the most active people we know. Not everyone is successful at matching beach activities to their fashion style. How does Floridita fit both your wardrobe + active lifestyle?

A: You can’t be afraid to be glamorous – even when you live an active life. I want to feel pretty and feminine even when I’m using all my strength. My Floridita bikinis help me look the part – whether I’m surfing, tossing the football on the beach or lounging around a resort pool. I take pride in being the best dressed – even in a ‘kini. My stash of versatile suits help me pull together colorful outfits on the go.

Q: Surf competitions sound demanding. How do you balance beach style with the demands of competing? 

A: It’s all about the quality of the suit. Working with a handmade bikini wardrobe reassures me that my suits will hold up with my active lifestyle. Floridita suits last. They’re resistant against the sun, salt water and wax of my surf board. I’m lucky to be able to wear flirty styles with beads and hand-stitched artwork that I don’t have to worry about. Floridita suits are mega resilient.

Q. With many brands to choose from, how did you choose to exclusively represent Floridita?

I’m loyal to the brands that match my personality. Plus, I love working with your team. They’re women just like me who love everything beach and fashion. Staying loyal to the company who has always been supportive is important to me.

Q. What’s your favorite part of being a Floridita Brand Ambassador?

I don’t have to adjust my style to the suits – they fit me. Flaunting the most ravishing bikinis is my style. I like to make an impression.

Q. You’re always on the go. Where was your last trip?

I love hanging out with my crew. Last week a couple of buddies, my cute boyfriend and I drove down to the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. We indulged in fresh seafood and had an infinity of waves to surf. The final night we hit the town and danced our legs off. A little of everything – that’s my perfect trip.

Q. What trips are on your bucket list?

Japan! I’m up for the culture shock. Japan’s off-beat and world class beaches would make for an exciting adventure.

Q. How do you prep for surf competitions?

It’s important to eat right, lift weights, stretch and train in every possible wave and condition months prior to surf season. Adequate sleep is crucial for a tip top performance. So is studying the competition waves before your heat. Last but not least, like many things in life, I remind myself: DO NOT forget to focus on executing your game plan.

Q. You look so great in your Wynwood Bikini. What else is in your beach bag?

Chocolate, vitamins, lip gloss, wax, vertra, coffee, a mirror, hair treatment and a towel.

Q. How has your beach style evolved over time?

My beach style use to be relatively relaxed and laid back. Suits were less fashionable back then. These days I bring glam looks to the ocean. Colorful suit combos, flirty ruffles, and sparkly beads top my list.

Q.  We’re always looking for inspiration. Do you have a mantra? Can you share? 

Yes! My mantra: I am strong and independent. Be here now.

Special thanks to Sasha! Catch her on Instagram at @sashacheer1 or follow our coverage of her @floriditaswimwear. Stay tuned and watch this series of posts grow! We can’t wait for you to meet the rest of our Brand Ambassadors.

Love Bikinis? Become a Floridita Brand Ambassador!

Each of our beloved brand ambassadors becomes part of our fashionable Floridita family. These girls are adventurous, stylish and beautiful inside and out. We’re inspired by them and proud to have these ladies flaunt our bikinis in their active lives.

If you’re interested in becoming a Floridita Brand Ambassador, fill out the application here. As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn double the reward points on all purchases, have access to exclusive contests and discounts, and have the chance to be featured on our website and social media!

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  1. Jennifer P. says:

    I find all those bikinis so cute and sexy and empowerful, I would describe my style as relaxed…some days, it all dependes on how are you feeling that day, some days I just want to be a contrast against the ocean, and some other days I am just wanna be one with it. I have been following Sasha’s career and she is a real example of hard work and passion! Congrats!

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